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Join our Webinar “ESG: Why is important for companies and investors?” Thursday, July 7

Dear valuable member,

The Hellenic-Italian Chamber of Commerce of Athens in collaboration with ICAP CRIF and Synesgy, is delighted to invite you to the Webinar: “ESG: Why is important for companies and investors?” on Thursday 7/7 at 3.00 pm EEST.

Environmental, social, and governance (ESG) refer to the three central factors in measuring the sustainability and ethical impact of an investment in a company or business.
Nowadays, these three factors are becoming everybody’s concern. COVID-19 disrupted business operations, supply chains, and economies around the globe. In regards to this, businesses had to respond to multiple crises throughout their operations. Companies sought to make critical choices concerning procurement, logistics, and go-forward strategies. Having a clear ESG purpose became essential.

How can companies know their level of sustainability and make self-assessment to be accredited in the marketplace?

In this Webinar we are going to discuss:
• Economic Materiality of ESG Risk
• Synesgy: the ESG Global Digital Platform for supply chain assessment

Our Speakers:
• Cav. Avv. Ioannis Tsamichas – President of Hellenic-Italian Chamber of Commerce- Athens
• Dr. George Christodoulakis – Executive Member of ICAP CRIF BoD, Head of the Credit Rating Agency
• Francesco Portioli – ESG Partner Enhancement for Synesgy, CRIF

Register here today, and learn valuable insights on how to create an effective sustainability strategy and achieve your long-term company goals!

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